Churning the Butter

One of Graze and Gather’s new wholesale customers, a restaurant that shares our passion for a sustainable, localized food system put together a wish list of ingredients that they would love to source from small producers…but are having trouble finding.

Number one on their wishlist…cream and butter that is organic & grass-fed.

Our team spoke with small dairy farmers, and what we learned is that it takes 250 litres of whole milk (at 4.5% buttermilk fat) to produce approximately 44 litres of 40% cream.  The milk that is remains is 2% skimmed milk.

The same 250L would only produce about 20L of 85% cream…or about 2 pounds of butter, once the process is complete.  That’s a lot of skim (2%) milk.

It’s impossible to have cream and butter without very large amounts of skimmed milk, and you can see how this makes it very hard for small, independent dairies to offer cream and butter.

But, being a believer in the power of small choices to have big impact …the small and easy change that my family is making is to switch from whole milk to 2%.  Because is there anything better than butter? Think about it. When you taste something delicious and you ask, “what’s in this?” the answer is always butter.