Meet Chocosol!

Meet Chocosol!

Virtual Farmers Market StaffJuly 21, 2021

Chocosol pursues creating sustainable chocolate because they recognize that sustainable food systems mean everything. Throughout their offerings, Chocosol hopes to showcase what it looks like to have gourmet, healthy, and delicious food that is good for mind, body, and soil.

Chocosol describes their growing process as eco-regenerative. What this means is that Chocosol strives to leave the forest gardens where their growing partners are harvesting cacao better than they found them. This is accomplished through encouraging biodiversity, planting new species of cacao, research projects, and learning from indigenous growing partners. 

Chocosol embraces the mission of Graze & Gather, which is to create a community of farmers and food lovers for the future wellbeing of people and the planet. There are a few ways that Chocosol strives to reach this goal. Internally, Chocosol hosts bi-annual solstice meetings and get feedback from their learning community/chocosolistas on how it is going, and where they are going. Chocosol wants to know the employees that they work alongside as both co-workers and individual people.  For the environment, Chocosol has a local green-roof project that employees many hands every summer to tend to, they use a low emission roaster for all coffee and chocolate, and they use pedal power to transport some of their chocolate to markets! With Chocosol’s growing partners,  they support local co-operatives and families of growers that care about their land and the longevity of the land to support future generations.

Chocosol is proud to be part of building a new food system, and bringing it to life each day with their chocolate. Chocosol's sustainable chocolates are available on the Market, with several options to choose from including Vanilla Sea Salt, Coffee Crunch, Five Chili Bullet, and Drinking Chocolate!