Meet Cross Wind Farm!

Meet Cross Wind Farm!

Virtual Farmers Market StaffJuly 14, 2021

Cross Wind Farm comes from a long standing tradition of farming, so it was only natural for them to start their own dairy farm! In 2006, Cross Wind Farm began the journey of creating a dairy goat farm, beginning with the reconstruction of their 1800's barn to create a lovely home for the goats. One year later, in March of 2007, it was finally time to bring home the goats! In just one month, they began shipping raw milk and the rest is history. 

Cross Wind Farm implements organic practices throughout all of their farming, and you can really taste the difference! Their goats are happily raised on the farm and they are known for their Small Batch milk. Almost all of their ingredients come directly from their farm, and the ingredients that are sourced come from fellow local farmers.

Cross Wind Farm’s employees are like family. They love to share their passion for farming and teach their employees about all avenues the business has to offer. Cross Wind Farm embraces ideas their employees have and often involve them in the brainstorming when they are coming out with new cheese flavours!

Cindy is proud of how their small family farm has grown to be a local household name in Keene, and how they have won several awards for their delicious, artisan Chevre! For a fun way to mix up your next BBQ, choose one of Cross Wind's seasonal chevres and use it to top off your favourite meat!