Pizza, Vegan Love (12")

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 Create a tasty meal in 20 minutes AND help reduce climate change!

Upcycled by the family behind Pizzeria Defina with spent grains from Halo Brewery

Pizza dough base incorporates 30% brewery barley grains already used to make beer!

By diverting these grains, you help reduce climate change, one slice at a time.

(Sorry, contains 0% alcohol)

DOUGH: 00 Wheat flour (Canadian), water, brewery barley grains, salt, olive oil, yeast.

TOPPINGS: cubanelle pepper pesto, mushrooms, red peppers, kale, red onions, dill, and sweety drops.

CONTAINS Wheat, Gluten.

Keep frozen until ready to enjoy.
Preheat oven to 375F.
Pull pizza from freezer and unwrap from all packaging
Bake from frozen on middle rack 20-22 minutes, until your kitchen smells delicious!