Potatoes, Pink Fir Apple (BULK PRE-ORDER)

Pinehaven Farm

Produced In: Millbrook, Ontario

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By pre-ordering a bag of Pink Fir Apple potatoes, you're letting us know how many to order from the farm. Once we have the potatoes onsite, we will send them with your next delivery!

Pink Fir Apple potatoes are large, knobby, and oblong in shape with thin, smooth skin that ranges from light brown to light pink. The skin is pale yellow to gold and is creamy, waxy, firm, and dense in texture. This potato is THE salad potato, but is also good for roasting, boiling, and steaming. It retains its shape when cooked, and has a rich, earthy, and nutty flavour. Peeling this variety is tedious due to all the knobs, so it is usually cooked with the skin on, which is okay since the skin is thin. 

This heritage variety was imported to the United Kingdom from France in 1850, and in 1996 was crossed with the Desiree variety to create the Anya variety for Sainsbury supermarkets. It is one of the oldest heritage varieties still in production, and almost went out of production due to its bumpy shape, but surged again in popularity when people returned to wanting heritage varieties. It has been awarded the Royal Horticultural Society's Garden of Merit as a quality salad potato.