Festive Honey Bundle (4 x 375g jars)


Produced In: Millbrook, Ontario

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Price Per Unit: $10.80/jar
Storage: Pantry

Save $4.80 when you order this bundle of delicious honeys- that's $1.20 a jar! 

Feeling festive, or looking for a festive gift for this upcoming gift-giving season? We have the honeys for that, right here in this bundle! Creamed gingerbread for toast and baked goods, goldenrod for more flavourful honey cooking and floral herbal teas, wildflower honey for those all-purpose honey needs, and Basswood honey, one of Hunnabee's most exclusive honeys!

Included in this bundle:

Creamed Gingerbread Honey (raw unpasteurized honey, mesquite*, lucuma*, ginger powder*, cinnamon powder*, molasses powder*, allspice powder*, cloves*, date powder*- *oragnic)

Wildflower Honey

Basswood Honey

Goldenrod Honey