Salad Dressing, Caesar (213mL)

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Canola oil, Water, Distilled white vinegar, Garlic, Agave syrup, Pink Himalayan salt, Spices, Soy protein isolate, Cold pressed lemon juice, Black pepper, Xanthan gum.

Contains: Mustard, Soy


Made with our home made vegan mayo, fresh herbs and cold pressed lemon, this plant-based Caesar is deliciously indulgent. Egg-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free it's all delicious.    Use it as a dip or as a marinade for meat or a drizzle for grilled vegetables. Add it to potato salad or coleslaw. Spread on chicken or tuna salad sandwiches.  Try it today on all your favourites!

SHELF LIFE: 120 days refrigerated

SIZE: 213mL