Radish, Organic Easter Egg (approx. 454g) ENJOY SOON

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These easter egg radishes are still good, but need to get eaten before they get soft!

Easter Egg Radishs are a combination of small, round, mildly flavoured white fleshed radishes with skins ranging from white, to pink, to deep red, to purple, all with thin tap roots. These fun coloured, bite-sized radishes are a great addition to any dish, either raw or cooked, and are ready to harvest in Ontario in spring through to the fall.

These can be enjoyed fresh or cooked. They can be added whole, halved, sliced, julienned, or grated into salads, slaws, soups, stews, in side dishes, and more, for a mild spicy taste. Roasting showcases their natural sweetness.. These radishes can be pickled and fermented, however it will dull the colour.

Radish are members of the cabbage family and are closely related to turnips and horseradish. They originated in China and spread towards Greece and Eqypt, where they were used as currency to pay the workers who built the pyramids. Radishes are also used as a cover crop in the winter and as animal forage. They are also one of the first European crops brought to the Americas with settlers.