Carrots, Purple

Pinehaven Farm

Produced In: Millbrook, Ontario

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454g / 1lb
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Note: These carrots are grown in sandy soil, and are stored unwashed. The ones pictured were given a rinse for the photos.

Similar to Orange Carrots, purple carrots are sweet and cruchy and high in plant fibre. These taproot vegetables come in a number of colours ranging from deep purple to red to yellow. They are typically ready for harvest in Ontario from July until September. These carrots are an excellent colourful addition to any salad or side dish!

Carrots can be enjoyed eaten raw or cooked. Carrots can be shaved or juliened for a salad or sushi. They also make very tasty vegetables when boiled, braised, baked, roasted, caramelized, and pureed. Carrots can also be used in baking for some extra flavour and plant fibre. Carrots can be pickled, blanched, and frozen to help them last longer.