Garlic, F3 (each)



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There is a story behind this garlic known as F3.  This garlic is not the Porcelain Fish Lake 3.  Instead it is a very fine example of a Rocambole garlic.  In four years of growing this variety, F3 has consistently produced very large bulbs.  As for the taste, there is a faint bite or spiciness at first, followed by a cascade of garlic flavours upon swallowing.

The bulbs are large, tan, purple and pink in colour. Medium spiciness, rich and tame garlic flavours. Very versatile to use raw, cooked, grilled and baked.


Marchand and Corin of Garlicloves began planting garlic in 2012 with only one dozen Ontario bulbs. They spent the next several years collecting varieties and keeping meticulous data on each one. Today they grow their incredible garlic in the Kawartha Lakes, and in the Minden/Haliburton area.