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This mixed bundle of whole garlic heads makes an excellent host's gift, and is a necessity in the garlicurious' kitchen.

Each coloured string represents a different variety of garlic:

Music: With much respect, Music garlic has earned the title of the most popular garlic grown in Ontario.  This Porcelain variety of garlic has a blue string, like a first place ribbon.  Large white bulbs, sharp and spicy with big cloves.  Music garlic is a great starter for first time garlic growers. 

Ontario Giant: Also known as 'Puslinch' this variety of garlic has a dark green string.  Ontario Giant has a medium to mild rating on the spicy scale but it will surprise you with a pleasing, lingering garlic aftertaste.  Some of our biggest bulbs have been Ontario giant.  Their easy peel cloves also make them popular in the kitchen. 

Italian Purple: A very aromatic garlic with bold purple spots on the bulb and dark tan cloves within.  This Rocambole garlic with a black string has a medium rating on the spicy scale with warming flavours and a mild garlic aftertaste.  Italian Purple is our go to garlic for tomato sauces, it can be simmered for a long time without damaging flavours.

F3: There is a story behind this garlic known as F3.  This garlic is not the Porcelain Fish Lake 3.  Instead it is a very fine example of a Rocambole garlic.  In four years of growing this variety, F3 has consistently produced very large bulbs.  As for the taste, there is a faint bite or spiciness at first, followed by a cascade of garlic flavours upon swallowing. 

Russian Red: The popularity of this garlic has to do with its spicy flavour and lingering aftertaste.  The red string on these bulbs lets you know Russian Red is very bold and does the job when you need a big garlic kick either raw or when cooked.   Bulbs can vary in size, but the cloves are large and marbled with deep reds and brown.

Marchand and Corin of Garlicloves began planting garlic in 2012 with only one dozen Ontario bulbs. They spent the next several years collecting varieties and keeping meticulous data on each one. Today they grow their incredible garlic in the Kawartha Lakes, and in the Minden/Haliburton area.