Lingonberries (Frozen)

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Lingonberries are like a wild cross between a red currant and a cranberry. Growing wild in Scandinavia, Canada, and the Northern United States, these bright red clustered berries can be found on low bushes in wooded areas. They are not cultivated for food but are foraged.

Lingonberries can be used in all the same ways as cranberries. They are very tart and sour when raw, but become slightly sweeter when cooked down. The skins also break down nicely making them perfect for sauces, jams, jellies, baked goods, syrups, and drinks. They are a staple in Scandinavian cuisine, which emphasizes foraged and wild foods, and are often served as a sauce for game meats such as venison. 

Lingonberries make a great compliment to meat, dairy, and baked goods, and can be harvested come September.

About the Vendor

Mikuni Wild Harvest is a Vancouver-based company that sources sustainable and artisanal food from the pacific rim. Mikuni started exporting mushrooms to Japan and Europe in the early eighties. In 2001, Mikuni changed focus to the development of a boutique line of sustainable wild foods for restaurants and gourmet retail outlets. Since then, our company has grown from a few committed individuals slugging it out in a basement office, to a team of like-minded individuals with distribution centers throughout Canada and the United States. Although the size and direction of our company has changed dramatically over the years, our concept and commitment has not. It has always been Mikuni’s goal to provide our customers with the highest quality of unique and sustainable wild foods. Inasmuch as the organic food movement has garnered attention in the last decade, at Mikuni we believe that we are at the beginning of another movement, one that explores the abundance of richly flavoured foods found exclusively in the wild.

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