Pears, Bosc (approx 454g or 2-3pc.)

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This weeks pears are very ripe and need to consumed asap! They may arrive bruised, and will be best used for baking, making preserves, or in your smoothies. The more ripe the pear, the sweeter it is!

Bosc pears are medium to large in size and are oblong in shape with a rounded bottom that gradually tapers to an elongated neck and a slender green-brown stem. The thick skin is golden tan and is covered in rough, brown russeting with some mottling. The ivory to off-white flesh is firm, dense, and crisp with an intense honeyed aroma and has a central, soft core encasing a few small black-brown seeds. When ripe, Bosc pears are juicy, crunchy, and have a very sweet flavor with notes of woodsy spice.