Ground, Water Buffalo (454g)

Shealand Farm

Produced In: Bethany, Ontario

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Water Buffalo meat is leaner, but has just as much protein and iron as beef.

Adam & Marie employ the use of rotational pasture grazing as much as possible which improves the productivity and overall health of their pastures. It also allows native grassland nesting birds a refuge habitat between and during grazings. Both the cattle and sheep are on a full health program designed by our veterinarian and followed by us. Animal care focuses on low stress handling, preventing sickness, and emphasizes only treating animals with antibiotics when necessary. Genetics for the cow herd and sheep flock are carefully selected to suit the natural landscape of the farm and the style of their management. Environmental stewardship of the farm is important to Adam and & Marie so that future generations can continue to be sustainable and earn a living from the land.