Cranberries, Organic Dried (140g)

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Produced In: Packaged in Canada

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Even without the turkey, you'll give thanks for these delicious berries. Cranberries are widely used for treating urinary tract issues, fighting bacterial infections, providing cardiovascular benefits and strengthening the immune system, and they even have cancer-fighting properties.

These fabulous and tasty berries also help fight tooth decay, promote gastrointestinal health and so much more.


About the Vendor

Mike & Mike’s Organics brings you a wide assortment of delicious, organic snacks. All your favourites, including trail mixes, nuts and seeds to dried fruit offer the healthy snack lover their fill with one of our hand-packed boxes.

Today, Mike & Mike’s Organics is the only non farm-based distributor of exclusively certified-organic fresh fruits and vegetables in Ontario. The company delivers more than 200 kinds of fruits and vegetables from organic farms from around the world to 150 retailers in the province, such as major chains as well as many independent health and natural food stores. 

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