Hazelnuts, Cabernet Chocolate (115g)

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115 grams

This nut is simple, yet so rich in flavour. I choose the hazelnut for its earthy tones. Then I selected this style of cacao for two reasons. This chocolate is made by roasting and grinding with nothing added. The other reason is the company and its humanitarian and environmental beliefs.

Key Ingredients: Mexican Cacao (no dairy, no refined sugars), Hazelnuts, Maple Syrup

In 2010 my husband, Mitch Kosir, and I moved to a 90 acre farm in Fergus, Ontario to begin pursuing our lifelong dream of being environmentally conscious farmers.

We planted 100+ fruit and nut trees on our property and I spent the next two years doing what I enjoy most – farming, cooking and creating recipes from fresh, local ingredients. It was during this time that I developed my exclusive roasting process and created our maple roasted nut recipes that our customers love.

Our family's purpose is motivated by three things – our daughter who has #Upsyndrome, living a sustainable life and being environmentally conscious farmers. From our family to yours, thank for you helping us pursue our dreams.