Bones, Chicken (3-4lb)

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Pastured. Sustainable. Non-GMO, Organic Feed.  Frozen.

These are the meaty carcasses left after the butcher has pieced the wings, legs & breasts.  They average 3.5-4lbs per bag.  Great for making broth and stock!

Our chickens are raised on pasture, free to roam during the day and roost in the evenings. In addition to foraging for grubs and insects, we feed our birds 100% non-GMO, non-medicated, organic feed.

About the Vendor

Our chickens are mobile-pasture-raised under a mandate of transparent animal welfare, regenerative practices, and 11% of our production goes to food banks.

Of course most people care about where their food comes from, how it's raised and how it got to their plate, but we're experimenting with the next logical question;

What proof would you want?

How confident would you like to be? Do you want to be able to vouch for your food? Would you want to brag about your food?? Do you want access to your own farm -- one that you can visit, teach your kids about, and know everything there is to know about each flock that's raised? Do you want to see your hens that lay your eggs, see your chickens range in their pasture before they grace your plate?

We're farming for people like you who want to understand this process directly from the source.

    the welfare of the animal they served to their family
    the operational transparency of how that animal got to you
    the knowledge that 10% of everything your farm produces goes to food banks
    and the feeling of confidence in knowing how your animal lived, expressed their innate desires, and died, in order to be an integral nutritious contribution to the growth of your kids and health of your family.

We're building a truly regenerative farm for you that's open and transparent with our operational processes and data.

A farm that lets you vouch for your food.