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Produced In: North York, Toronto, Ontario

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Storage: Frozen -18C

Ingredients: Water, Diced Tomatoes, Black Beans, Ground Beef, Red Kidney Beans, Onions, Yellow Corn, Tomato Paste, Ground Pork, Bacon, Green Pepper, Vegetable Oil, Chicken Base, African Cayenne Pepper, Habanero Pepper, Garlic, Vegetable Base, Ground Cumin, Black Pepper, Salt, Curry Powder, Thyme, Modified Cornstarch

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Save $1.62/bag when you order the case instead of a single bag.

By pre-ordering a case of Meat Lovers Chili, you're letting us know how many to order from the maker. Once we have the chili onsite, we'll send the case with your next delivery!

Chili is one of those classic meals that is perfect no matter the time of year or occasion, and this one lives up to the expectations! Loaded with an assortment of meat, beans, and nourishing vegetables, its spicy complexity, hearty constitution, and strong, savoury backbone is the ultimate crowd pleaser. It's the perfect side or main course, sure to bring supreme happiness and optimal comfort.