Steak, Ham (not smoked)

Kendal Hills Farm

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These ham steaks are frozen fresh, and not smoked or cured, so they do need to be cooked before consuming!


Heritage.  Forest-raised.  Frozen

About Our Pigs: We raise tamworth-crosses, a hardy heritage breed that thrives outside and forage on our pasture, roots, bush and fallen apples. They are also fed a grain/corn/soy ration daily. None of our animals are medicated.

Our butcher cuts are wrapped in butcher paper and frozen.

About the Vendor:

Kendal Hills Farm is situated on 70 acres of rolling woodland in the ecologically sensitive Oak Ridges Moraine. Emily has called Kendal Hills home since she was a child and now she and Dave, as well as their two kids and her parents, are working with the land to farm pasture-raised fowl & other livestock and to cultivate and wild-harvest gourmet mushrooms.  Emily & Dave are committed to working with the forest by applying the principles of regenerative agriculture to how they farm.
Phone:  416-824-1917
Instagram:  @kendalhillsfarm
Facebook:   @kendalhillsfarm