Potatoes, Estima (1.36kg / 3lbs)

Pinehaven Farm

Produced In: Millbrook, Ontario

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The Estima potato has creamy coloured skin with firm, light yellow flesh that holds its shape well when cooked. The flesh has a fine-grained texture with earthy, subtly sweet flavour notes. Low-moisture content gives this potato a fluffy, floury consistency when cooked.

This variety is known as the "baking potato of choice" in the United Kingdom as its large size and versatility suits it for simple recipes like wedges or mashed dishes, as well as soups, gratins, salads, stews, or casseroles. It is most ideal for baking and recipes that require smooth potatoes.

The Estima cultivar was developed by J.P. and P.R. Dijkhuis in Warfhuizen, Netherlands, and was released in 1972. It became commercially successful around 1976 for its large, unblemished appearance, and became super popular in supermarkets in the United Kingdom, where it is still popular today.