Lettuce, Hearty Mix (approx. 113g)


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Hearty Mix is a blend of baby kale, mizuna, and claytonia
About the Vendor

Clearwater Farm is located on the shores of Lake Simcoe in Georgina. At Clearwater, our goal is to help raise future farmers. Not just any farmers, but those interested in making a living from regenerative agriculture.

With deliberate growing and harvesting practices, we aim to restore soil health, increase biodiversity and enhance the ecosystem while capturing carbon in the soil.

We offer a year-round veggie basket program, local distribution to restaurants and small grocery stores, and a commitment to making healthy fresh food accessible through our community-based partnerships. Working with other farmers in the area our goal is to help build a better food system!

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Website: www.clearwaterfarm.ca

Phone: 705-242-9300

email: customerservice@clearwaterfarm.ca