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Armed with the old-world know-how of a long line of family cheese makers, Stirling Creamery was established over 85 years ago. With one churn and two coal burning, steam powered pasteurizers, the West family began a proud legacy that lives on today. Stirling Creamery makes a variety of butters so that food lovers can experience a range of flavours that express both the craftsmanship of Stirling Creamery and showcases what exceptionally good butter can taste like. This is why, for the past thirty years, they have continued the Stirling tradition of barrel churning some of Canada's finest butter in Stirling, ON, using fresh, local sweet cream. No colourants or preservatives here; this butter is all natural and artisanally crafted. The result: all natural, creamy, fresh, buttery flavour that's good enough to call one of the world's best.