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100% Jersey Milk, 2%M.F.

This is only being produced every other week!

Jerseys naturally produce the highest quality milk for human consumption. Compared to average milk, a glass of Jersey milk has greater nutritional value: 15% to 20% more protein, 15% to 18% more calcium, and 10% to 12% more phosphorous, and also considerably higher levels of an essential vitamin, B12. This nutrient-dense Jersey milk also tastes better and the reason for this is more protein, calcium and other non-fat solids in Jersey milk compared to other breeds. 

*Bottle return & refund:  On your next order, simply leave your milk bottle on your doorstep and we'll leave you a toonie.  Everything old is new again!

Our brand new on-farm dairy processing facility will create fresh milk, cheese and butter from our families farm. The quality of our milk and our products is of the utmost importance to us.

Milk will arrive fresh from the dairy barn in our receiving tank before being piped into the food safe processing room to be pasteurized, packaged and stored before immediate delivery.

Want to learn more about where your food comes from? Our facility has a viewing room so you can watch the whole process.