Tofu, Nigari Firm (300g)

Ying Ying Soy


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Ying Ying's Soy Foods' Nigari Firm Tofu is the traditional plain tofu - hand crafted and hand cut, which is why there are no two pieces alike. Their tofu has a high protein content, a pleasing texture and an excellent, naturally sweet taste. Try it once, and you will know the taste of traditional tofu.

Ingredients: Soybeans*, Filtered Water, Nigari. *Organic.

Ying Ying Soy is a small, family owned and operated artisan tofu producer. Ying Ying Soy handmakes their tofu in small batches, following traditional methods that are rooted back over 2,000 years! They use only organic soybeans that are non-GMO and grown in Ontario. Tofu is often associated with healthful living, and Ying Ying Soy's tofu is centered around the idea of helping Canadians build and maintain lifelong healthy eating through their delicious and nutritious gourmet tofu.