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Black Radish, also known as 'Black Spanish' radish or 'Erfurter' radish, has a black skin and white inner flesh. They are slightly bigger than spring radishes but have the same spicy flavour. Black Radishes, like most radishes, are a winter root vegetable that is ready for harvest in Ontario in mid summer into the fall and can be stored in a cool, dry place well into the winter for longer storage in the off-season months.

Black Radishes can be eaten raw sliced into salads or quick pickles, or they can be pickled for a more mellow spicy flavour. They can also be cooked into soups and stews. Adding salt to the raw root helps to temper the spicy flavour. Due to the tough skin it is best to thoroughly wash and peel them before use.

Black Radish can be found in elongated and round, or globular, varieties. It is believed to have likely originated in the region of modern day Syria, from the Raphanus maritimus type. Black Radishes have been dated to 1548 in Europe where it was a common variety before it lost favour to new spring radish varieties around the second half of the 20th century.