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China Rose Radishes, also known as Shunkyo, is a unique winter radish. They have a rose and white-colored skin with a deep rose colored spicy flesh inside. The microgreens grown from China Rsoe seeds add a beautiful pink flash of colour to any dish. These radishes are ready for harvest in the fall in Ontario, and is a good storage variety that can be kept in a cool place long into the off-season months.

The spicy flesh is delicious sliced fresh, and the radish tops are wonderful cooked in chicken broth until tender and seasoned with butter and pepper. Radishes are very versatile and can be enjoyed both fresh and cooked. They can be used whole, halved, chopped, julienned, grated, and sliced into salads, soups, pasta dishes, sandwiches, pickles, ferments, stir-frys, and casseroles. Roasting, grilling, and broiling radishes brings out their natural sweetness and tempers the spicy kick.

Jesuit missionaries gathered up this ancient winter radish from China and introduced it to Europe in the 1950s. Radish are members of the cabbage family and are closely related to turnips and horseradish. They originated in China and spread towards Greece and Eqypt, where they were used as currency to pay the workers who built the pyramids. Radishes are also used as a cover crop in the winter and as animal forage. They are also one of the first European crops brought to the Americas with settlers.