COVID-19 Procedures

We take this very serious and here are the steps we're taking to ensure your health & safety during this time.

  1. Restricting access to the farm.  No visitors, no playdates.
  2. Shut-down the Dog-Boarding Kennel except for emergency situations.
  3. All of our staff are also taking the social distancing serious, no visitor and no socializing outside their households.
  4. Cleaning & disinfecting our delivery vehicles, equipment and order preparation area.
  5. Delivery drivers must wear gloves and disinfect after any physical contact (doorbells, cooler lids).
  6. All vendors of the Virtual Market must also be taking similar steps.

We have given this a lot of thought, and believe that one driver delivering to multiple households is safer than multiple households coming to one location to pickup.

With these procedures and no-contact during delivery, if any one household has COVID-19, then the likelihood of transmission is low.  But if that one household came to the same spot as all the others, it's high.