Delivery & Pickup

Do you deliver to my area?

We currently provide home deliveries across the GTA and Durham Region. If Home Delivery doesn’t suit your schedule, we also work with a number of community pickup partners that act as central Community Food Terminals.

For specific delivery areas please visit our Delivery & Pickup page. If you don’t see your postal code, please contact us at eat@gazeandgatherfood.ca and request that we expand to your area. Our team is small, but we hope to provide more families with good food! 

Do I have to be home for delivery?

If we are delivering to your home, we prefer that someone is home to receive the order - we don’t want the food to be spoiled or stolen! However, we will leave your order at the door if you leave a cooler or a well marked box for the driver.

Contact us at eat@gazeandgatherfood.ca or call/text us at 905-744-6434 and let us know - we can tell the driver it is okay to leave the groceries!

If we haven’t been notified and there are no marked containers for the order, and you are not available to receive the delivery, the food will go back on the truck. You will be charged for any perishable food and the delivery fee. We will refund any non-perishable food.

How does delivery work if I live in an apartment/condominium?

For home deliveries to apartments and condos, we ask that customers meet us downstairs. Exceptions may be arranged for those with mobility or other health concerns.

I want to order, but I’m unable to be home for delivery.

Not to worry, we have partnered with several community pickup locations. They will keep your order cool and refrigerated, and provide a more flexible time frame for you to pick up your order. Please visit our Delivery & Pickup page for locations and hours. Currently our community pickup locations can be found across Toronto, in Oshawa, Orono, and Peterborough.

My Order

When can I place my order?

Graze & Gather opens once the clock ticks over to Sunday, bright and early at 12:01 am! We close on Friday at 4pm in order for us to update inventory for the following week.

Important to remember: depending on your preferred delivery day, remember to place your order by 4pm the day before!

When will my order arrive?

Our delivery days are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Our delivery window is generally between 2 pm and 9 pm, and you will receive a delivery notification the day before delivery with a more specific timeframe.

A friendly reminder: if you want your order delivered by Thursday, make sure you order by Wednesday at 4pm, if Friday, order by Thursday at 4pm, if Saturday, order by Friday at 4pm!

What if I need to reschedule my order for a different day?

If you need to reschedule, please make sure to contact us at eat@gazeandgatherfood.ca and let us know before Wednesday at 4pm! Be aware that there is a possibility the other days may have limited delivery time slots, but we will work with you for the best solution.

Can I make changes to my order?

In an effort to reduce food waste, we operate a little differently from other food delivery services - instead of relying on an inventory like at a supermarket, much of the food is freshly harvested specifically for you. What this means is that it can become difficult to change an order without proper notice. Contact us at eat@gazeandgatherfood.ca and we will chat about how we can help! You can also call or text us at 905-744-6434.

What if there is something wrong with my order?

Our team strives to provide you with quality food and excellent service. If there is an issue with your order, we are sorry we didn’t catch it! Please contact us at eat@gazeandgatherfood.ca or call or text us at 905-744-6434.

Can I review past orders?

Yes! As long as you are logged into your account (Login or Sign up here: Login/Signup), you will be able to scroll through and review your order history.


What is included in a Graze & Gather membership?

  • Free delivery & handling (no minimum purchases either!)
  • Free Samples: Be a part of our “new item” testing and review group and provide feedback to our food producers. Help us make decisions on what is added to Graze & Gather
  • Members’ only discounts and promotions
  • Reusable delivery containers that are returned when you receive your next order
  • Opportunity to make special requests for your next gathering
      • As a member you can make special requests (such as a specific cut of meat) and our team will work with the food producers to accommodate
      • We want to help you feast at your next gathering – whether the gathering is for 10 people or a 100, we are here to help you gather the ingredients you need
      • Discounts are available for large volume orders
  • Opportunities to gather and engage with other food lovers, including the vendors whose food you enjoy through the Market!
  • Free and discounted tours to farms and producers

How much does it cost?

After paying a one time annual fee of $149 before tax, (don't forget to give us 24 hours to process your account) and you will have access to benefits such as unlimited free deliveries!

What shows up on my credit card when I purchase a membership?

A Graze & Gather membership fee will show up as the Green Circle Food Hub on your bill.

Can I cancel my membership?

You may cancel at anytime if you do not wish to renew, however we can not provide refunds if you decide to cancel your current membership once you have purchased it. The fees associated with the membership plan includes an upfront investment in a combination of capacity efforts that include Reusable packagingWaiving of Delivery fees, Vendor engagement, and Special offers & exclusive content.

Payment & Pricing

Is there a minimum delivery cost?

There is no minimum delivery - everyone needs to eat and anyone with limited fridge/freezer space and tight budgets is not going to get penalized.

What is the delivery and handling fee?

Delivery and handling fee: $6.25

Thanks to our community pickup partners, if you place an order for pickup at a central Community Food Terminal for $75+, you only pay a $3.50 handling fee.

In order to build a localized food supply chain, we all need to work together. The delivery fee covers the expense of bringing this deliciously diverse food from small local producers to you. If you truly cannot afford this, during checkout use the code ‘TOGETHER’ and the delivery fee will be removed, no questions asked.

How are tips distributed?

The tips are distributed fairly amongst the entire team!

Common Market Questions

Do you have eco-friendly packaging options?

Enrolled members have access to reusable delivery containers that are returned when you receive your next order.

Can I return the cardboard boxes used for packaging?

Yes! As long as they are still in good condition and flattened properly, you can return the boxes to the driver on your next order. Reusing boxes will help us reduce waste!

Do you sell (this item)?

Graze & Gather is stocked with deliciously diverse food from over 70 small local producers, however if you don’t find what you are looking for, let us know! We would love to see if it is something that can be added to the market. Contact us at eat@gazeandgatherfood.ca and let us know your recommendations.

How do Graze & Gather gift cards work?

Gift Cards are a great way to provide friends and family with deliciously diverse food! You can purchase gift cards here Gift Cards, they come in several convenient denominations. The gift cards are digital which means no physical card will be sent. Instead you will receive a convenient code and link by email which you can send to the recipient.

Once you receive your gift card code, simply enter that code at checkout and the amount will be deducted from your total cost!

I want to learn more about what I am buying!

At a physical farmers market you can speak to the farmer face to face and we wanted to provide you with a similar opportunity online. Each product comes with a brief description, a description of the vendor, and their contact information if you would like to speak with them directly!

At Graze & Gather, we will be happy to answer general questions, but if you have specific questions about the product we encourage you to speak with the experts and contact the vendor directly using the provided contact details.

How do I contact the vendors/farmers?

Each product provides a brief description about the vendor and their contact information. You can also find out more about our vendors here (link coming soon!)

COVID Protocols

How is Kendal Hills Farm (food hub for Graze & Gather) staying safe during this time?

We take this very seriously and here are the steps we're taking to ensure your health & safety during this time.

  • Restricting access to the farm. No visitors, no playdates.
  • Shut-down the Dog-Boarding Kennel except for emergency situations.
  • All of our staff are also taking the social distancing seriously, no visitor and no socializing outside their households.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting our delivery vehicles, equipment and order preparation area.
  • Delivery drivers must wear gloves and disinfect after any physical contact (doorbells, cooler lids).

All vendors of the Virtual Market must also be taking similar steps.
We have given this a lot of thought, and believe that one driver delivering to multiple households is safer than multiple households coming to one location to pick up.

With these procedures and no-contact during delivery, if any one household has COVID-19, then the likelihood of transmission is low. But if that one household came to the same spot as all the others, it's high.


I am interested in joining as a vendor, what do I need to know?

Information coming soon!