Beef Kabob Cut (approx 454g)

Shealand Farm


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Frozen - Does not include veggies or skewer. 

Tender pieces to create your own kabobs! This takes the work out of finding the right cut of beef to cut into just the right sized pieces for your skewer.

All of the beef from Shealand Farms and raised in Bethany Ontario. Marie and Adam Shea produce healthy, delicious products that meet the needs of their customers while utilizing environmentally friendly farming techniques. (All weights provided are an average weight of all of our roasts, stew & ground in inventory- yours many vary)

    Owned by Marie and Adam, we are very proud to have a direct connection to our customers. In the end, that is our role as farmers. Connect with the people who consume what we produce and strive to make it the tastiest, and safest food possible. The story of where our food comes from and how it arrives at your plate is important to us, and it is something that we hope you will want to share in with us.