Bone Broth, Duck 500mL


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Frozen. Sustainable.

We found THE best small business to make bone broths: Stock Exchange Broth!

Their first ingredient are the bones! 
2:1 ratio,
100lbs of bones to 50L of Reverse Osmosis water
NO salt or additives, just simple herbs and mirepoix
This bone broth is made from Back2Nature's ducks, which are raised on pasture and non-GM feed.

How Our Birds are Raised:

At Back-to-Nature we always strive to raise our animals in the best way possible. We want to raise our animals outside in the fresh air and in a natural environment so they can live their lives the way God intended them to live. We believe raising animals this way produces the most nutritious and best tasting food, as well as provides a very satisfying and enjoyable way of life for our family.  

Non-GMO Pasture Raised Ducks

How we raise our ducks 

 We start them in a brooder shed until they are 3-4 weeks of age. They are then old enough to handle the weather and the elements, and are moved out to pasture. The ducks are grouped in a large pasture paddock (section) where they are free to graze the grass and feed on all the little critters that they can find in the pasture. They are rotated around the pasture, moving from paddock to paddock every week to keep the pasture fresh and make sure they always have lots of fresh grass and insects to eat. The ducks also have free choice GMO-free grain and fresh water available and have access to a portable pond.