Chocolate, Organic/Vegan Peanut Butter Cup (52g)



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One Cup per 52g package

An everyday-luxury treat with a rich peanut butter center, both creamy and crunchy, enveloped in a decadent chocolate coating. Top quality organic Ingredients ~ no dairy products!

Tasty, delicious, sensual & nourishing – the perfect treat to support you in your active urban lifestyle.

A rich and creamy chocolate peanut butter cup – with a decadent nut-butter-center, slightly crispy, a pinch of saltiness, enwrapped in a perfectly balanced silky chocolate, that both the dark chocolate lover and light chocolate lover will adore – served as a hearty single portion.

Be warned, once you’ll taste it – you will get addicted!

We are a dynamic team of women, brought together in Montreal, Canada, coming from unique and diverse backgrounds, who have chosen to combine our skills in business, culinary arts, marketing, management and so much more, to help bring EATLOVE to the world.

What drew us together is our love for chocolate, as well as our desire to live an epic life, where passion fuels our daily work.

We know life can be hard and comes with all its challenges, so we care to offer you food that nourishes and fuels you at a deep level – we all need to eat, so why not EAT LOVE?

Our business is built upon the foundational principles of integrity, service, respect, truth and empowerment, and this is at the heart of each of us.

We know that, as women united we are more powerful than isolated and it is bringing together our unique qualities and skills that make our chocolate special.

LOVE IS THE REAL INGREDIENT we are all devoted to, and that is
infused in each and every cup we make.

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Montreal, QC, H2V 4J5