Flatbread, Mushroom


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Mushroom Flatbread - Confit garlic, Mixed Mushroom, Chilli Flake, Grana Padano

Ingredients: Dough (yeast, water, semolina flour, sugar, all purpose flour, “00” flour, salt, olive oil) Toppings (mixed mushroom, garlic, canola oil, rosemary, thyme, chili flak, grana Padano)

Recipe Instructions: Heat directly from frozen on a pan in the oven, 425F for 20 minutes.

From the culinary creators who brought sunny SoCal to Toronto with Insta-worthy La Palma, comes their second collaboration—Constantine. Craig Harding & Alexandra Hutchison (formerly Campagnolo) and Jack and Domenic Scarangella and Steve Christian (Mercatto) pay homage to the diverse, stimulating and primal cuisine of distinct regions of the Mediterranean.

Constantine’s menu, spearheaded by Chef Craig Harding, highlights local ingredients at the peak of season presented in thoughtfully-inventive dishes, where striking and aromatic flavours reign. A wood-burning oven and hearth anchor the kitchen, churning out crispy pizzas alongside expertly roasted and lightly smoked meat and seafood. Like La Palma, vegetable dishes take centre stage with family-style dining encouraged. Equally important to the food presented at Constantine is the meticulously designed wine program featuring a curated mix of old world balanced with fresher modern wines.

Located inside The Anndore House, the restaurant and bar cultivate an intimate and inviting atmosphere creating a gathering place for local residents and guests of The Anndore House, as well as a destination spot for anyone looking for a generous dining experience full of the familiar and exotic.