Justice for Migrant Workers


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100% of donation goes towards organization of choice. This means if you donate $75, all $75 goes towards the organization. The Virtual Farmers Market covers all processing fees. 


Justicia for Migrant Workers is a volunteer-run not-for-profit. We rely on grants and private donors, and we invite you to show solidarity by donating through our Pay Pal account. Your donation will help us cover things like:

  • Lost wages for farmworkers to participate in Justicia demonstrations
  • Transportation, food, and accommodations for workers and advocates taking part in outreach
  • Printing outreach material and signage for campaigns
  • Renting community halls for meetings and events to celebrate migrant workers
Share the petition and open letter that was developed by students at Windsor Law.

3. Call In, Tweet and E-mail action to Scotlynn
Breaking: 164 workers have tested positive for COVID19 at Scotlynn Farm. At the same time the employer is advertising to pay Canadians $25. We have never heard of a migrant farm worker anywhere earning $25 an hour for their hard earned labour. J4MW is asking you to do the following actions

1. Tweet at @scotlynnGroup and also tweet at @fordnation @montemcnaughton @marcomendicino @cquantrough and @mclaudebideau Ask the employer will migrant farm workers also be paid $25 an hour? you can use the following hashtags #migrantjustice #wagetheft #fairwagesnow #covid19 #covid19Ontario
Also ask the employer if they will commit to
-Not sending home workers who are sick or injured
-Paying the workers full wages and no deductions during their quarantine period. (The rate they are paying Canadians)
-Commit to rehiring all migrant labourers next year and paying the $25 they are offering this year to Canadian workers.

2. Please phone Scotlynn Group at 1-800-263-9117 ext 2225
Phone script. I am phoning today to ask regarding your job posting? Are you paying migrant farm workers $25 as well? Will you pay the workers full wages during their quarantine and will you commit to not sending home injured and sick workers so they receive full access to our healthcare system? Finally will you rehired all the workers next year if they chose to return. For decades your farm has relied on migrant labour and its our hope that they will be treated with fairness and respect during this pandemic.

3. E-mail the farm at info@scotlynn.com
I am writing to inquire whether or not the migrant workers employed at your workplace will also be paid $25 an hour. Will you commit to this as well as paying the workers full wages during their quarantine. Furthermore will you ensure that no migrant worker who is sick or injured will be sent home and will be provided full access to our healthcare system. Finally will you commit to rehiring all workers next year if they so chose to return to Scotlynn paying the $25 rate that you are offering to Canadian workers. I await for a response from you.