Sausages, Lamb (mild italian, approx 454g)

Tipsy Willow Farm


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Frozen & Gluten-Free

4 sausages per package. Mild Italian.

About the Vendor

At Tipsy Willow Farm, we pride ourselves on the meat we produce. As we grow the farm we continue to learn about regenerative farming techniques that provide the animals happy and healthy lives while positively giving back to the natural environment. The majority of our animals are born and raised on our farm (sheep, pigs, and soon water buffalo), we buy laying hens from farming friends and meat chickens from our local farm store. Our animals are at pasture or in open fields from the beginning of April to the middle of November and then come in the barn for the winter season but have access to hay that was cut in the summer. We get our animals processed at local butcher shops and bring the cuts home to be stored. 

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