Spring Mix, Ovation Greens (150g)

City of Greens


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A great combination of both mild and spicy ingredients. Includes red mustard, mizuna, tatsoi, Red Giant kale, Red Russian kale, and Astro arugula.


At City of Greens, we grow high quality, fresh, locally grown market garden vegetables and fruits in the sun and soil using natural and organic practices. Premium salad mixes, baby root vegetables, small fruits and berries, and in season specialty vegetables. Our focus is on quality, and we strive to ensure that we grow the best varieties of the foods you have grown to love. All of our produce is harvested fresh each week so you have the best tasting, most nutritious food you can get, that lasts long in your fridge. We hand cut all our salad greens to ensure the cleanest safest and highest quality product. All other produce is hand harvested, closely inspected, washed packed and ready to enjoy. All our produce is grown with care and attention to detail, so you can eat healthy, feed your family and know your farmer.