Loose Tea, Organic Whole Hibiscus Flowers (100g)



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It’s believed that hibiscus tea was revered for its medicinal properties since the ancient times of Egypt. Hibiscus has been drank across many cultures for centuries due to its great taste and numerous health benefits. Today, it remains part of many cultures’ traditions. We proudly continue the tradition.

Our hibiscus organic flowers are grown on the banks of the Nile, individually picked and dried in the Egyptian sun with the highest standards of quality control.

Hibiscus Flower Hibiscus is commonly called roselle in many parts of the world but is also known as sorrel in the Caribbean, as Flor de Jamaica in Mexico, and Karkadeh in Egypt.

Our hibiscus flowers when steeped make a rich Ruby red tea that is very fragrant, has a cranberry-tart, refreshing flavor, and is a source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which can be enjoyed hot or cold.

A really good tisane doesn’t just taste good, it’s aromatic, has somebody, and a rounded richness that lingers long after you’ve finished a sip.

Growing up in Egypt hibiscus was an ever present drink in our fridge. My brother and I loved having it with dinner, and my dad drank it religiously to lower his high blood pressure. Hibiscus tea is a popular drink in Egypt, where street vendors sell it ice cold in the scorching summer. When we moved to Oakville, Ontario a couple of years ago, my mom made sure to pack some dried hibiscus flowers with us. She would always make it as a welcome drink for when guests came over to our house. It was a hit with everyone who tried it, sparking the idea of making hibiscus tisane on a larger scale.

We went back to Egypt to search for the highest quality flowers growers. Our search led us to a place called Nuba in the south of Egypt, where hibiscus flowers have been growing by The Nile for thousands of years.

The area is renowned for its serenity and simplicity, an essence we have tried to keep in all of our products. The region is also a very special place to our family as its my beloved Grandfather’s place of origin.

My mom and I are currently working out of Oakville, Ontario on expanding Nuba across Canada and beyond.

Nuba has been a supplier of products supporting a natural lifestyle emphasizing quality, organics, ethicality and social responsibilities. We give back a percentage of our net profit in social giving every year, with over half going to growers and their communities.

We deal directly with these farmers through sustainable sourcing which allow us to watch closely for quality.