Mussels, Naturally Smoked (70g)


Mary Manette Seafood

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Seafood lovers will appreciate the rarity of Canadian smoked mussels, sourced exclusively from cold clean Canadian waters and carefully managed fisheries.

Our mussels are sustainably sourced from cold, clean Canadian waters, gently brined, lightly smoked with natural hardwood and then hand-packed to ensure care and quality. Ready to eat right out of the can, Mary Manette’s smoked tinned mussels are a convenient way to add Canadian shellfish to your recipes. Low in saturated fat and high in protein, these smoked mussels are an exciting addition to a variety of pasta sauces or paella. Or, serve them straight from the tin--pair with potato chips or a cracker and a spicy mayo and create an effortless and elegant appetizer to share.

Ingredients: Mussels(Shellfish), mussel nectar, golden sugar, sea salt, natural hardwood smoke

4 year shelf life.