Olive Oil, Organic Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin (750 mL)

Atlas Olive Oils

Produced In: Morroco

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First cold press and perfect for the keto diet, this olive oil is used in Michelin Starred kitchens, and is Kosher certified.

About the Vendor

Respect for territory and people, love for tradition and passion for innovation are the fundamental values our extra virgin olive oils hold and retrieve for the real gourmet of all the world. But we are not satisfied with it. We always aim to the highest possible quality to achieve this excellence. That is our belief, our commitment, an ever new direction towards which we want to go.

Atlas Olive Oils represents a business figure of excellence for Morocco and expresses the best of culinary culture of this country in the world. To make the best extra virgin olive oil in Morocco is a great honour for us and a high responsibility. It is a challenge we face every day because we believe in the value of our workforce and in the good quality of the fruits of our terroir.

Atlas Olive Oils is an integrated-production farm. We are structured to produce only extra virgin olive oil of superior quality. Three farms located at the foot of the Atlas mountain chain at an altitude ranging between 300 and 450 meters, a total area of around 1000 Ha of which 800 Ha are cultivated with olive for more than 1'400'000 olive trees of the best quality. Constant monitoring of the cultivation and mechanized picking at an optimal ripeness with only a 20 minutes lapse between harvest and grinding. The olive oil is exclusively extracted through a mechanical process in a low temperature continuous line to get about 1'500'000 litres of excellent extra virgin olive oil with 0.2° maximum acidity. The distinctiveness of our oil lies also in the attention to detail during every phase of the production process, the selection of our highly skilled workforce and the use of European technology and know-how. All this gives life to a wonderful olive oil you can find only in the best international gourmet stores. Atlas Olive Oils represents the highest quality of Morocco around the world.