Onion, Sweet White Organic

Cookstown Greens

Produced In: Thornton, Ontario

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Size: 454g / 1lb
454g / 1lb
1.36kg / 3lbs


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Certified Organic

Sweet onions are large globes wrapped in a golden layer of skin with soft and juicy flesh.  They are mild in flavour and less pungent than other onions, due to their low acidity.   The mild flavour of sweet onions makes them perfect for using raw in salads or chopped as a garnish.

About the Vendor

We are located 1 hour north of Toronto, in Essa township. We have 5 heated greenhouses and 100 acres of rich, loamy soil, and have been producing healthful, organic food since 1988.

We leave part of our land untouched and use non-intensive farming methods, which contributes to our farm’s biodiversity.