Shrub, Pear Ginger (473mL)

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What's a Shrub? Our shrub is a new take on an ancient elixir, also known as “drinking vinegar”, consumed for its refreshing taste and health benefits. We infuse cold-pressed fruit juice with organic apple cider vinegar, creating a blast of flavour that’s good for you too! Use an ounce to mix delicious cocktails, mocktails and sparklers. Each bottle makes up to 16 drinks! Made with cold pressed Pears and freshly grated ginger. Ginger is among the healthiest spices on the planet. It is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds that have powerful benefits for your body and brain.

Refrigerated Product*

Directions: Dilute to taste with sparkling or flat water (typically 1 part Shrub to 6 parts mix). You can also take it as a shot!

Ingredients: Pear Juice, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger, Natural Mushroom Extract