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Produced In: Bowmanville, Ontario

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Green Peppers, or Green Bell Peppers, are the first stage of ripeness of bell peppers. They have a moderately thick skin and a juicy, slightly sweet and earthy crunch when raw. The inside is hollow with the seeds attached to the stem, on the inside. Green Bell peppers are usually ready for harvest in Ontario in late summer and early fall.

Green Peppers are perfect for enjoying either fresh or cooked. They can be sliced and dipped into sauces or eaten on their own. They can be lightly sauteed or added to pizzas, pasta dishes, sauces, soups, stews, and salads. They are also great for stuffing. Green Peppers can be dried, canned, pickled, or frozen for longer storage and use in the off-season months. However, due to their high water content, they do not hold their shape or texture when thawed again and are best enjoyed in soups or casseroles.

Bell Peppers have a range of ripeness that they can be enjoyed at. Green peppers are the first stage, then yellow, then orange, with red being the last stage of ripeness. The flavour changes only slightly between stages, with red being the sweetest, if only a little. Peppers originated in South America and have been enjoyed since 7, 500 BC. Sweeter (not hot) varieties like bell peppers were cultivated in the 1920s, in Szeged, Hungary. Before then, peppers were 'chilis' and were hot, which comes from the chemical capsaicin, which produces a burning sensation in mammals. Peppers are technically a berry, which makes them a fruit.