Pig Wings, Pork (7/pack, approx 900g)

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7 pieces per pack

We know what you're thinking... And you're correct, Pinewynd has been dabbling in pig gene modifications thus our hogs can now compete with those pesky chickens. But all seriousness aside, pigs are wingless, this is a novelty item, only two available per pig. These come from a very hard working muscle group, thus very porky and tough. Takes Tom a lot of time to extract these fun little conversation starters. Call the meat lovers over, get the charcoal out, sauce and heavy smoke these bad boys like you would a mother-of-all chicken wing.

These are not for the faint of chef, and require nearly as much work to prepare as it takes to extract them from the pork shank. We recommend brining them for up to 24 hours before cooking them in a smoker, or like Tom says, on a charcoal BBQ with your favourite sauce.

About the Vendor:

Pinewynd recently built our own health-board inspected butcher shop. We now have the ability to control the end process of our program. Pinewynd is about respecting our animals and our land; our own butchery is an extension to those morals. Our hogs are still fed a unique and varied diet (low grain, no soy) they have acreage to roam, forage and they can soak up as much vitamin-D filled sun as they wish. Thank you for supporting our small farm and butchery!