Potatoes, Gala (approx 454g)

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Gala potatoes are oval in shape with bright, semi-thick yellow skin and slightly lighter yellow flesh. It holds its shape well and is a great versatile variety; the flesh is smooth, fine-grained, slightly flaky, and starchy with a mild, sweet, slightly nutty and earthy flavour, making it an excellent choice for steaming, boiling, frying, and roasting. In Germany this variety is favoured for making pan-fried potatoes and dumplings stuffed with meat. 

This variety was developed in Germany by Norika in 1992 from a leyla potato cross. In 2010 it was Thuringia's potato of the year. This variety is loved by home gardeners in Europe and Central Asia, and is a popular variety found mainly in Eastern Europe, Northern and Central Russia, and Central Asia.