Potatoes, Reba (approx 2.27kg)

Pinehaven Farm


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Reba potatoes have smooth white to buff skin, and bright white flesh. They are excellent for baking, and can also be used for salads, boiling, mashing, and chips. They grow to a medium size and oval-round shape. They are firm and moist when cooked.

This cultivar was bred from a 'Monona' and 'Allegheny' cross, and was released in 1996 by Robert Plaisted from Cornell University. In 1997 it was named after the late wife of Murray Mahaney, an Arkport, New York potato grower who worked for many years with the Cornell University potato breeding program. It quickly became a top variety grown in New York State.

Note from the Farmers Market: Root vegetables are harvested by the local farms in the Fall and then stored in root cellars. It's difficult to know from the surface what is happening inside. Both the farmer and the Market team try to ensure that the produce is high quality before being packed, but if we get it wrong we're happy to make it right!

John is a 3rd generation family farmer, growing an assortment of vegetables in the Millbrook area. He has been a lifelong farmers’ market vendor, carrying on a family tradition.  His specialty is potatoes – growing over 60 varieties.