Rib Tips, Pork (approx. 570g)


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Often called riblets, these are a short section that comes off the spare ribs. Meaty little bites perfect as an appetizer or for a few small eaters. Cooked low and slow softens that much needed cartilage that our bodies yearn for!

About the Vendor:

Pinewynd recently built our own health-board inspected butcher shop. We now have the ability to control the end process of our program. Pinewynd is about respecting our animals and our land; our own butchery is an extension to those morals. Our hogs are still fed a unique and varied diet (low grain, no soy) they have acreage to roam, forage and they can soak up as much vitamin-D filled sun as they wish. Thank you for supporting our small farm and butchery!