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Scallions, also known as Green Onions, are a type of young onion with a more mild onion flavour. They have long green leaves that taper into a narrow white bulb. Green Onions are available from early spring to late fall in Ontario due to the fact that they can be successively planted because they grow quickly.

Scallions are typically used as a spice or herb. They are best enjoyed added fresh to dishes like salads or as garnishes to dishes like baked potatoes. They can be cooked into dishes as well for an added savoury onion flavour undertone. They can be frozen or dried for longer storage.

Scallions are close relatives to garlic, shallots, chives, and leeks. They differ from bulb onions because they form leaves above the ground that are edible. They are also not onion scapes as scapes are the tops of the varieties of onions that form round bulbs that grow under the ground. Green Onions / Scallions were cultivated in Central Asia, where they originated from.