Shortbread, Chipotle Cheddar (170g)



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The name says it all; the heat of a smoky jalapeno pepper -- in our best-selling warmer shortbread; say about medium spice.

Look out when you pair this savoury delight with a cold beer! A glass of minerally white wine! Soup -- chilled or hot soup. See those chipotle pepper flakes right in the shortbread -- man, these are great! Made again with our local 4-year old Canadian cheddar cheese. This is one healthy snack or cocktail treat with zero sugar! The ultimate hostess or host gift now! It's not meant to be sweet!


* Net Weight - 6 oz / 170 g
* Shelf Life - 9 months

Wheat flour, aged Cheddar Cheese, Butter (cream, salt, milk), Chipotle flakes, Natural Liquid Smoke, Sea salt, Cayenne Pepper

Baked from scratch with the finest ingredients we can get our hands on, that’s part of our mission. Small batches that are handmade with care, with passion. We promise only the best quality that money can buy.

None of our products contain any hydrogenated or tropical oils. We don’t do trans fats either. We don’t include artificial flavourings or preservatives. When we bake with only pure ingredients, we deliver all natural flavors with intense, real taste.

Our team makes our cookie dough daily.

We also bake every day to bring our pure product to our fine retailer’s shelves within a few days of baking.

Store our fine cookies in your cupboard like a regular cookie or a cracker. Enjoy simply, or add a soft cheese on top, whatever makes your palate happy.


Sprucewood Brands is a young, proudly Canadian company that evolved from our highly popular 25-year old catering firm; Sprucewood event planning and catering.

Mark Pollard, our founder and instigator is also known as “the big cheese”. Mark loves to create and serve a variety of small batch, high quality hors d’oeuvres selections to his corporate and private catering clients.

One of these unique, savory snacks is our “cocktail cheddar cheese shortbread cookies”!

That’s right. A savory shortbread cookie, sugar-free and made with 4-year old Canadian cheddar cheese. They taste cheesy and homemade, with a little zing at the end. Our cookies make happy palates, plain and simple.

For years, many of our catering clients and their guests had to know where they could buy these fabulous delectables. In fact, for a while, Mark was selling this savory shortbread out of his own back door at home! Demand exceeded all expectations – it still does today!!