Tea Flight, Daily Sippers (4 x 15g)

Foggy River Farm

Produced In: Sunderland, Ontario

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This flight of 4 teas from Foggy River Farms is perfect for your daily tea sipping needs. Perfect for brining on-the-go, or for enjoying in your relaxing moments, each herbal tea in this flight contains an herbal blend that adds some pep and vigor to your day, as well as revitalizing nutrients for daily maintenance.

Each bag costs $10.75 when ordered in this bundle, which is a savings of $1.20 a bag!

This flight includes:

Boost Herbal Tea

Mint Punch Herbal Tea

Ultimint Herbal Tea

Forest's Edge Herbal Tea

Each Foggy River tea is a blend of pure herbs grown, harvested, and dried by hand right on Kate & Phil's farm. Each herb is ecologically grown with intention, focused on sustaining the health of their farm, the land around it, and the ecosystem it is a part of. 


Boost Herbal Tea:

Our newest tea for winter wellness! Echinacea fires up the immune system, which is known to help reduce the duration of cold & flu symptoms. This tea has an earthy mint flavor with a hint of tart hibiscus.

Ingredients: Echinacea Leaf & Flower, Swiss Mint, Hibiscus, Calendula, Rosehips

Mint Punch Herbal Tea:

This is not-your-average-mint tea.

What happens when herb farmers decide to have some fun? We grow banana mint, berries & cream mint, mojito mint, and apple mint and we blend them into a tea. Add a pinch of tarragon for some balancing spice, and voila... a flavour unlike any other.

Ingredients: Apple Mint, Mojito Mint, Banana Mint, Berries & Cream Mint, Tarragon

Ultimint Herbal Tea:

We set out on a mission to create the Ultimate Mint Tea. Combining five different farm-grown mints, we think we nailed it. This refreshing, bright, and flavourful blend boasts all the wonderful properties of mint: soothing for the tummy, energizing for the mind. And a crowd pleaser to serve to guests after a meal.

Ingredients: Spearmint, Peppermint, Wild Mint, Swiss Mint, Moroccan Mint

Forest's Edge Herbal Tea:

Transport yourself to the Ontario wilderness! The perfect campfire tea, for evenings at the cottage, cozy warmth at the cabin or to bring the wild home with you. As a bonus, soothing sage is known to offer relief for sore throats, coughs, and fevers.

Ingredients: Spruce Tip, Sage, Peppermint