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Slicing Tomatoes are simply tomatoes that have a slightly more meaty texture that can stand up to slicing without going mushy or losing their shape. These varieties of tomatoes are typically ready for harvest in Ontario from mid to late summer and into the early fall.

Slicing tomatoes can be enjoyed any way that tomatoes are normally enjoyed, although they are perfectly suited for being sliced and added into sandwiches or wedged into salads. Enjoy them on their own with a touch of salt and pepper, or turn them into pizza or taco toppings, or even into salsa! These tomatoes can be canned or frozen for storage into the off-season months.

Tomatoes originated from South America, where over 10 different varieties have been growing for thousands of years. Tomatoes are technically nightshade berries with an umami flavour. Cherry tomatoes are the descendants of wild tomatoes (which are normally the size of peas), and grape tomatoes are a more recent cultivar of cherry tomatoes. Grape tomatoes are a hybrid from Taiwan, and were first grown in North America in 1996. Andrew Chu, a tomato farmer in Manatee County, Florida, branded the name 'Grape Tomato' in 1998.