Vinegar, Honey (950mL)



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Honey Vinegar:

Honey vinegar is produced on a family farm in Ontario Canada. We use 100% raw Ontario honey. The vinegar is produced in our food processing facility that is CFIA and HACCP certified. Here the vinegar is fermented, bottled, labeled and date coded.
Honey Vinegar has more health benefits than Apple Cider Vinegar and a much better taste! It contains the “Mother” and is zero calories.

⇨ Take 1 tbsp in warm water, morning and night (Amount of water can vary)

⇨ Tastes great on roasted potatoes and boiled eggs

⇨ When baking, use it in your pastries

⇨ Make your own homemade salad dressing

⇨ For acne/dandruff you may ingest & use topically

⇨ Add it to your water bottle to flavour & quench thirst

⇨ Use it as a marinade or for pickling